Ethics Standards across the country

Here are photojournalism Ethics from different newspaper around the country:

Charlotte Observer:

 “No colors will be altered from the original scene photographed.” 

source: (

The New York Times:

“Reporters, editors, photographers and all members of the news staff of the New York Times share a common and essential interest in protecting the integrity of the newspaper…Our greatest strength is the authority and reputation of the Times. We must do nothing that would undermine or dilute it and everything possible to enhance it…Images in our pages that purport to depict reality must be genuine in every way.”

Source: Black Star Rising e-book, Photojournalism, Technology and Ethics: What’s Right and Wrong Today?, Scott Baradell and Anh D. Stack

The Washington Post:

“Photography has come to be trusted as a virtual record of an event. We must never betray that trust.”

The Associated Press:

“Our pictures must always tell the truth.”

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